Monday, October 17, 2011

Excerpt from Rag Doll: Delilah's Story

Delilah lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling with Annie in her arms. “It’s just us Annie, just like always.”  She closed her eyes and dozed off without realizing it.

            “Daddy’s home!”  Daddy’s booming voice bounced off the walls of their home as he came through the door.  Delilah, having learned to walk only a month earlier ran awkwardly into his outstretched arms.  “Dadda”.  Daddy twirled his little girl around and laughed.  “Daddy has something for his angel.”  He reached just outside the door and brought a bag in.  He pulled a rag doll with red hair and blue and white dress out of the bag.  “Here is my angel her very own Raggedy Ann doll”.  Delilah’s chubby baby hands reached for the pretty doll and hugged her tight.  “Baby, baby” she sang.          Quickly the time changes and Delilah, now four years old is sitting in the floor of her room holding her Annie tight trying to shut out the sounds of her parents screaming.  “It’s okay Annie, Daddy will take care of us.”

            “GET OUT!  Just get the hell out” her mother screamed.  “I don’t need you any way.”

            “Look, you need some help.  That’s all I’m saying.  You’re a drunk and god only knows what else you do when I’m gone.  And don’t you think I’ve seen the bruises on Delilah.”

            “Delilah!  that’s all you worry about is that stupid baby.  Well, I’m the one here with her whiny ass all the time.  Why do you think I drink?  You said you’d get us away from this hell hole but you didn’t!”  The sound of glass shattering only caused Delilah to hold tighter to her Annie.  “That’s right, walk out.  That’s all a man is good for any way.”

            Daddy came into Delilah’s room and held her close.  “Daddy has to go on a trip now angel girl but I’ll be back soon to get you okay.  I love you so much.”

            Delilah watched through the grease smeared window of the kitchen as her Daddy got in his car.  Tears ran down her chubby cheeks.  She looked at her mother who was opening another bottle of stinky drink.  “Daddy?” 

            “Shut the hell up.  Your precious daddy is gone and I hope he never comes back.  Shut up that sniveling.  I could have been gone long before now if it hadn’t been for you.  I said shut up!”  Delilah reeled backwards from the backhand her mother delivered across her little face.  Quickly she got up, grabbed Annie and ran to her room.  Her mother didn’t usually stop with just one mean hand.  She got as close to the wall as she could and held on to Annie when she saw her mother in the doorway.  She had the stinky drink in one hand and the stinky smokey stick in the other.  “You know what happens to little girls who don’t shut up like they are supposed to don’t you?  They get punished.  You didn’t shut up so now you have to be punished.”  She walked slowly to Delilah and held the stinky stick out.  Delilah buried her head on top of Annie’s stuffed head.

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