Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Believe

With the holiday season upon us I want to express something. I choose to put this in a note rather than a status because it is a little lengthy. I often times have people say things about my beliefs and have even been told "if you believe that's okay you can't be a Christian". Well let me say this. There is a difference between being a spiritual person and a religious person. Just because I am not in a church every time the doors are open doesn't mean I don't have strong spiritual beliefs. It just means I don't care for organized religion. I don't go to church simply to count heads, see who is wearing what, who puts what in a collection plate, who knows what, etc. I make the world my church. I communicate with my Higher Power anytime and anywhere, whether there is a roof over my head, a steeple on the building, or whether it is in the middle of a beautiful field surrounded by glorious hues of orange, yellow, green, and red. These are things I BELIEVE:

I believe there is a Higher Power that we all will answer to at the end of our time on this material earth. That Higher Power may go by different names to different people but it is there. It knows no gender, no color or nationality.

I believe when our loved ones cross the veil of the world of the living and the eternal living, they still remain with us as long as we have love in our hearts for them. They communicate with us through dreams and simple ways like a breeze at just the right moment, a drop of rain on a chokingly dry day, a dragonfly on the shoulder. They are with us.

I believe in angels who walk beside us unseen every step of every day.

I believe that despite the atrocities of this world there is STILL goodness in mankind regardless of who they pray to whether it be God, Allah, Jehovah, the Virgin Mary, or other gods and goddesses.

I believe a word of kindness and a simple smile can save a life.

I believe we all deserve love and understanding regardless of socio-economic status, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or nationality.

I believe it is not my place to judge or wish harm on anyone else because I believe that what we send out in the world comes back on us times three, and it is not my place to pass judgement because I don't know that person's circumstances and I am not perfect so how can I be in a position to judge someone else?

I believe that to harbor hate against anyone will only destroy my own soul and well-being so I move forward leaving the negativity behind.

I say "Merry Christmas" to those who say it to me, and to others I say "Happy Holidays". After all this is the holiday season so I wish for joy for them all not just one day. When I say "I will keep you in my thoughts" rather than "I'll pray for you", that is what I mean--you remain in my thoughts throughout the day and night and I hope for positive things for you.

If my being a good person who would give the shirt off my back, the last penny I had, open my home up to the homeless and fight for the rights of ALL not a few isn't enough for someone simply because I don't profess to be a specific denomination then am I really the one with the problem?

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