Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Broken Dolls Teaser

“You know when I drop a plate and it breaks I tend to throw it in the trash.  Can’t do that with folks though.  They break and we try our best to fix ‘em.  Some folks is easier to fix than others.  And when you start fixing ‘em you have to remember they have cracks still and that makes ‘em just a little bit more fragile and you can’t be as rough as before with them.”

            “I guess.”  Delilah wasn’t exactly sure what Susie was talking about.

            “Take you girls.  Each one of you is like a little doll.  Dolls get rips, tears, and if they are glass ones they can crack.  You can sew them up or glue them back together but they are just a little weaker in those places.  They can still be strong and tough but you still have to love them and be gentle with them."

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