Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet Delilah

Delilah knows what it is like to be alone. She has been alone since she was a young child. After the tragic death of her father and the incarceration of her mother she was placed in the care of grandparents who blame Delilah for her mother's incarceration and her late father for everything else. A victim of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse in her own home she has learned to shut the world out. Ridiculed and shunned at school, her only confidant is her rag doll, Annie.
After a failed suicide attempt, Delilah finds herself in a very specialized residential treatment facility for teens with severe emotional and mental problems with three other teen girls facing their own demons. Can she learn to trust? Can she let her guard down and allow people to care about her and allow herself to care for them?

Rag Doll: Delilah's Story is the first in the Broken Dolls series chronicaling the pain, heartbreak, and struggle to survive of four teenagers who, while from very different backgrounds and all with very different problems, find out they have more in common than originally thought

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