Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Roxie

Roxie, with the long black hair and the flashing eyes. 
     She has always marched to the beat of her own drum and became the outcast in the process.  Preferring haunting goth music over the Billboard Top 40 she was ridiculed and called names by those around her, including her own mother.  Roxie isn’t your stereotypical “goth girl” however.  She has an infectious laugh, a beautiful smile, a loving and kind nature.  She channels the negative energy thrown her way into her creations—designing and sewing her own clothing, accessories, and her dolls. 

     Yet Roxie hides a secret beneath her long sleeve shirts and ankle length skirts.  Each harsh word and ugly name she has been called has left physical scars on her body.  Sent to Sentience by her mother in an attempt to “make her normal”, Roxie finds herself in a group with other girls who like her struggle to survive in a world that breaks them down at every opportunity. 

     Very different, but a common thread among them, they form a bond.  But is it enough? 

Broken Dolls: The Dead Doll—Roxie’s Story is the second in the Broken Dolls series

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